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View: Pure Fine Silver Golf Markers
Pure Fine Silver Golf Markers

The .999 Fine Pure Silver Lucky Putt Marker is created with Fair Trade Raw Silver by the Karin Hill Tribe of Thailand. Each piece is cast individually and each piece is unique and distinct. The 4-Leaf Clover on the front will bring you Luck in your putting and the back may be engraved with your initials, name or a short inspirational or humorous message. The size is 22mm (about the size of a US quarter and just a little thinner.

View: Magnetic Markers
Magnetic Markers

Whether you want to place the Magnetic Golf Ball Marker on your hat, place it on your putter or carry it with your divot tool, these markers are personalized with three initials, a name or short verse and packaged in a white presentation box with a velvet pouch for the perfect gift.

View: The "Golf Ball Marker"
The "Golf Ball Marker"

The "Golf Ball Marker" is the size of a poker chip, approximately 1.5" in diameter. You may choose Brushed Brass, Brushed Pewter or Brushed Copper finish. Engrave what yo like on the front and back. A very personalized golf ball marker gift.

View: Brushed Brass or Pewter Finish Two Sided Engraved Markers
Brushed Brass or Pewter Finish Two Sided Engraved Markers

Choose Brushed Brass Finish or Pewter Finish 7/8" Two Sided marker. Two sides for your message and/or initials.

View: Engraved Cuff Bracelets
Engraved Cuff Bracelets

1/4" Personalized Aluminum Golf Cuff Bracelets. Choose one of our selected engraved Golf Cuff Bracelets and personalize the inside with your own message or select a blank and engrave and personalize both sides with your own words of wisdom, humor or memory.

View: Seconds / Distressed Engraved Markers
Seconds / Distressed Engraved Markers

These Metal Golf Ball Markers have a slight staining on the reverse side so they must be sold at a steep discount.

View: Antique Brass, Satin Brass & Copper Golf Ball Markers
Antique Brass, Satin Brass & Copper Golf Ball Markers

These personalized rustic antique brass, antique copper and satin brass marker and divot tools make a very welcome gift for all golfers. Choose a single personalized golf ball marker or personalized divot tool or combine them into a very attractive set

View: Personalized Golf Bag Tags
Personalized Golf Bag Tags

Personalized Golf Bag Tags in Brass and Silver/Nickel. Engrave initials, message, dates or logos. You design and we will create!

View: Birdie Tree and Birdie Markers
Birdie Tree and Birdie Markers

Personalized engraved Birdie Markers and Personalized Birdie Tree to celebrate your Birdie.

View: MagnaFlex Golf
MagnaFlex Golf

For all the Golfers that experience a mobility problem, MagnaFlex Golf products eliminates any bending or stooping on the green.

View: Old English Text Classic Markers
Old English Text Classic Markers

Different and Unique, our Old English Classic Markers will set you apart on the Green.

View: Angels of the Fairway
Angels of the Fairway

We all need some help from an Angel occasionally!

View: Personalized Golf Prints
Personalized Golf Prints

Personalize this 12x18 print for your favorite golfer, retirement, anniversary, birthday, the possibilities are endless. Choose the color, the photo and type your message. The print is delivered to you flat and you choose the type of frame that bests matches your decor.

Weddings, Groomsmen Gifts

Now that you are starting your new life, spend a few minutes and remember the friends you made and the memories that you share.

View: Golf Ball Marking Systems
Golf Ball Marking Systems

The Line Em Up tool comes complete with a Sharpie pen attached. Used as a playing or training aid by giving you a visual guide to help line up all your shots.

View: Zodiac Birth Markers
Zodiac Birth Markers

Give the gift of their Birth Sign! These Antique Brushed Brass Markers engraved with their sign are the perfect gift for all the golfers on your list. Packaged in a presentation golf ball case for gift giving on any occasion!

View: Personalized Golf Press Clippings
Personalized Golf Press Clippings

Personalized Golf Newspaper Clippings for every Golfer. Select Name, Newspaper, Date, City State and Zip.

View: The Legend of Golf
The Legend of Golf

Here is the true story of the origin of golf and how a tournament was saved by a magical marker.

View: 1744 Rules of Golf
1744 Rules of Golf

These fantastic "The Original Rules of Golf" authored by John Rafferty in 1744, are presented ready for framing. Printed on Antique Parchment in either Sepia or Charcoal they will make the perfect gift for your favorite golfer. You choose the print color and size, then add your personal touch in the framing to match any decor or room.

View: Littlest Golfer
Littlest Golfer

Personalized prints for Golfing Parents

View: Leagues, Small Outings & Family Gatherings
Leagues, Small Outings & Family Gatherings

League Gifts? Family Gathering? Small Company Outing? You and your friends heading out for your annual Golf Fling? Here are some memorable gifts to mark the occasion. There is a minimum order quantity of 10 to take advantage of the pricing.

View: Corporate & Tournament
Corporate & Tournament

All the products on this page have been specially priced for volume sales. The minimum quantity is 10 of any item. They all include engraving up to three initials and packaging as described for each product. We can engrave your logo (no shading) on any of the products excluding the "Golf Ball Seeds". There is a one time charge of $40.00 and we would require a 300 dpi tiff or bitmat file.

View: Golf Note Cards
Golf Note Cards

A selection of Golf Cards by F. Hayes that we will be happy to personalize for you!