About Us

Franey Enterprises has been a presence on the web since 1997 and a purveyor of quality personalized, unique golf gifts since 1996. We have been creating, designing and marketing our unique premium golf gifts around the world for 10 years. We have received many testimonials for our personalized golf gifts and for our attention to our customer's special needs. A selection of the testimonials can be read on the testimonial page.

We started our company with a selection of 99.95% pure silver personalized, premium, unique golf gifts and expanded into a selection of antique brass and copper personalized golf gifts in response to our customer's requests. Each of our personalized pure silver and antique collection of personalized unique gifts are engraved for that truly personal touch. Whether for a personal or corporate golf gift or for charity golf outing gifts, we believe that our personalized collection is truly unique.

We have created these personal premium gifts for that special golfer, corporate golf gifts for employee rewards, client appreciation and to help build corporate identity. Our entire premium personalized collection have been well received around the world.

Our premium golfmarker gifts are created out of metal and engraved for both the personal golf gift feeling and the durability to last a long time. They are engraved with initials and/or date for that personalized golf gift, or your company logo for that personal corporate golf gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

We are now in our 10th year of marketing quality personalized golf gifts and are in the process of adding more premium golf gifts to our product line. Our new golf gift cups and rules of golf gift prints are being well received. We will soon be adding a special golf gift head covers section, along with a golf gift book section in response to our customer's requests.

Many of the testimonials that we received, compliment us on our customer service. We believe that our customers should be completely satisfied with the products that they purchase. Many of our customers are 2nd and 3rd time golf gift purchasers. Our corporate clients have purchased premium golf gifts from us for many their special golfing occasions and as a client appreciation gifts. We truly appreciate all our customers and thank them for their support. If not for them, we would not be in the business of selling premium golf gifts. Thank you all very, very much.

Richard F, Hayes
Franey Enterprises, Ltd.